Questions about the production

Q: Which kind of sheet material is used by the manufacturer?

A: Particleboards coated with plastics are not recommended, as case plasticiser and glue can produce toxic fumes in case of fire. Additionally, the disposal can cause problems.
Schardt is using sheet material coated with melamine. This is biologically degradable, it can be recycled and it is safe for your child’s health.

Q: Which connection of the furniture items is used by the manufacturer?

A: Screw connections are cheap; however, they cannot be fixed again strongly after a furniture item has been e.g. disassembled after a house moving.
Schardt uses Excenter-connections, as these can be retightened and they guarantee a strong hold when the furniture was reassembled.

Q: Are all corners and edges rounded?

A: Rounded edges are a real feature for good quality. They visually convey a high quality and in case of a collision with a furniture item it is definitely not as painful as if you collide with a sharp edge.

Q: Which varnishes are used?

A: Exclusively water varnish, which is permitted for the manufacture of toys, should be used. Schardt only uses water varnishes that correspond to the requirements of the DIN EN 71-3 safety of toys.

General questions

Q: How can I find a retailer of Schardt products in my surrounding area?

A: Among our list of retailer you find both mail order companies and all specialised retailers, who maintain our articles.

Q: Why are there no prices indicated for the products?

A: Unfortunately we cannot indicate prices for our products, as we only distribute to retailers.

Q: Where can I get catalogues of Schardt?

A: The catalogue of Schardt and further product catalogues are directly available at retail shops in your surrounding area. Our current catalogue can also be studied side by side at our website.