Complete bed with “very good” in the comparison result

In the baby bed comparison 03/2022 from, our complete bed Classic White with Big Stars grey was rated with “very good”.

The complete bed is the right choice for your baby right from the start and offers a cozy place of security. It consists of a combination child’s bed 70×140 cm that grows with the child, a mattress, a canopy with a canopy rod, a 2-part bedding and a bumper.

The combination child’s bed adapts ideally to the needs of your baby, as the grill can be adjusted in 3 different heights and 3 removable bars ensure easy entry and exit. Due to the simple conversion, it can later be used as a junior bed until school age.

The well-being of your baby comes first. With standard-compliant production in Germany only ecological materials such as e.g. Solid beech wood from the local region is used. The textiles are made of 100% cotton and are completely washable. The lovingly selected star design makes children’s eyes shine and simply enchants every child’s room.

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