When developing furniture for children, our children’s safety has to rank first. Therefore, it is primarily important for us to implement latest standards and norms into the design and functionality of our products.

Therefore, our products warrant:

  • TUEV tested safety (marked products)

  • Conformity with all relevant German and international norms

  • Usage of ecologically and healthy uncritical materials

What should you take in consideration when buying furniture as regards safety?

Generally, any furniture for children should make a confident, stable and steady impression. Sharp edges as well as removable sundries (e.g. cover caps and screws), that children can draw out and put into their mouth, are no gos.

All surfaces, regardless of whether wood or other material, should correspond to the norm DIN EN 71-3. It determines limits for the pollutant burden of toys and is also used by responsible manufacturers of furniture for children.

All components should have proofs for absence of pollutants. Common proofs are e.g. E1 proof for particleboard.

For highchairs, playpens and beds there are additionally safety norms (DIN EN 14988, DIN EN 12227 and DIN EN 716). Their appliance is generally documented with a label on the furniture item. For the bar grids of child’s beds it determines e.g. a distance between the bars of exact 45 – 65 mm and a surmountable height of 600 mm as minimum.

Of course various furniture for children made by Schardt corresponds to these safety standards.

However, provisions are useless, if furniture items for children are fixed up wrongly or used abusively, as e.g. for climbing up the furniture. Therefore, please exactly adhere to the terms of the assembly instructions. Additionally, please do not place the furniture near to open fire or other sources of heat, as e.g. electrical chimneys or gas ovens.

And our most important advice at the end:

Do not leave your child unattended! That’s the best way how you protect your child against accidents.