Furniture for children does not only have to look good, it should also be made of good quality materials and be practical. This is why some basic aspects have to be checked before buying it.

To be taken in consideration before buying:

  • furniture for children has to be stable, and fast and easy to set up and take apart
  • when buying the furniture check the measurements regarding your room
  • consider the overall view of a child’s room when you buy it
  • proven safety and environmentally-friendly materials should be taken into consideration
  • functional furniture for children guarantees a long-term use, as e.g. child’s beds that can be remodeled to a teen’s bed or height-adjustable highchairs

However, the most important aspect is our children’s health – this should be the main focus when you decide to buy. By doing so, the most important point is the choice of material, which represents at the same time an ecological decision.

Particleboards of inferior quality can release pollutants and impair the stability of the furniture item. But even solid wooden furniture is not necessarily harmless. Spruce is e.g. quite inappropriate for individual furniture such as highchairs because it is not stable enough. In addition, solvent-containing varnishes can cause health and ecological problems which is why we provide a solution for your concerns.

What needs to be considered?

Type of wood

Solid wood, as our domestic beech, is preferably used for the production of furniture for children, as it has a stronger stability than pine and spruce (softwood).

Furthermore, these are ecologically harmless in contrast to tropical wood.

Schardt is working with domestic beech at 90% in order not to endanger the sustainability of our valuable raw material wood.

Wood origin

From an ecological point of view all tropical woods should be avoided. Please consider, that the type of wood is used from reclaimable sources that grow again. Avoid wood from Eastern Europe, especially from the Ukraine because of the relatively high radioactivity.

The company Schardt is exclusively working with domestic beech and pine wood.

For further information about buying furniture items please have a look at our advisor about the subject safety standards or at our FAQ.